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And Jensen about Cas:




Jensen about the coat scene in 7x17:

Jensen: That was such an awkward scene. We were crying laughing at how ridiculous the fact that I had his jacket nicely folded in the back of the car was. And not the Impala- a stolen car. And I’m like “What! - Why?” There was no reason for that jacket to be in the back trunk of that car. And Bob was like, “Look, just do it. Alright!” And I was like, “But Bob, this is so dumb!” And then we started saying the dialogue out loud and it just sounded so — it was like… It was so bad!” (X, around 40:40)

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Jensen Ackles is known as ‘the short one’ relative to Jared Padalecki.

Jensen Ackles is taller than Benedict Cumberbatch.


I just…I feel confused and lied to.

just imagine Martin Freeman next to Jared Padalecki

This sounds like one of those maths puzzles.

If Jensen is taller than Benedict and Jared is taller than Jensen how afraid will Martin be of being stepped on by Jared?

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i really wanna talk about how dean PULLS sam down to his level instead of stretching up to hug sam and puts his arms around sam’s shoulders and rubs his back and sam has to bend his knees obviously in order to have his chin tucked against dean’s neck and it’s like they’re back at 4th of july 1996 and sam is a little kid and dean is his hero and nothing can hurt them :(

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Now, Sam’s excessive size may be a questionable life decision, but Dean has never denied that it has its advantages. Dean has no objection, none, to being manhandled, wall-sexed, or fucked through the mattress by a ton or so of solid, sweaty Sam. After all, he’s put years of effort into the care and feeding of Sams. It’s only fair he should reap the benefits. That’s fun, toppy grrr Sam, and he’s Dean’s. He’s equal parts hot and, well, kind of endearing.
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this is a list of 100% true things jared and jensen said to/about each other:

  • "this guy is smoking hot. i can’t play his brother." [x]
  • "i don’t kiss jensen… in public." [x
  • "he screams really loud." [x]
  • "i love you." - "i love you too." [x]
  • "sing it, daddy!" [x]
  • "it’s he and i - all day, all night." [x]
  • "kiss me." [x]
  • "honey, i’m home." - "yes, you are. come here, you sexy thing." [x]
  • "i missed your musk." [x]
  • "i miss your musk." [x]
  • "you are MY thor." [x]
  • "i need you here. i need you. I NEED YOU." [x]
  • "i like to pause it when jensen takes his shirt off." [x]
  • "i love jensen." [x]
  • fan: “i fell in love with jensen in ‘dark angel’.” - “didn’t we all.” [x]
  • "i love him." [x]
  • "he’ll be a part of my life for the rest of my life." [x]
  • "can you tie my tie?" [x]
  • "i wanna be the beast." - "congratulations, i guess that makes me the beauty." [x]
  • "i can’t do this without you." [x]
  • "he’ll give massages a lot of the time when i get tense." - "he gets tense a lot." [x]
  • "so, i jerk off jensen onto the ground. and then give him a shot to the face?" [x]
  • "sometimes i’m like, "in my trailer, now!” [x]
  • "maybe we’ll both just say "screw it!" and he and i will just open a bar somehwere." [x]
  • "jensen’s got a big old crush on me." [x]
  • "why don’t you take a picture of me?" [x]
  • "i can’t tell you how excited i am to be filmed by you, jensen." [x]
  • "i still think we need, at some point, during one of the shows, just you and me, in our boxers, playing cards in a laundromat." [x]
  • fan: “if you have to choose a character to play on spn besides sam and dean, who would you chose?” - “i would play ruby because she gets to hook up with sam. and you, jensen?” - “probably ruby because she gets to-” [x]
  • i’ve never been more attracted to your torso. [x]

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Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes 

This is the very first and the last time people mistook them for a couple on the show. I love how in the first one Sam is completely surprised by the insinuation and really amused by the whole thing. And then in the last one, it doesn’t faze him at all. He is like, it’s fine Dean, don’t worry about it. So many people have thought the same thing about them over the years, Sam is now used to it. In contrast, Dean still has the same reaction. And that is the best part. 

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thanks for your help: samisdeanspie <3

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Only acceptable change

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Actual jealous husband and sad puppy!Sam Winchester :( 

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